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Organizations that follow a progression of steps to achieve digital excellence may see improvements in effectiveness, productivity, performance, and more.

The article discusses the steps organizations can take to achieve excellence in digital delivery and maximize performance outcomes. The research, conducted by McKinsey, collected data from over 1,700 teams in various industries across the globe. The article identifies 19 capabilities grouped into five categories: strategy, structure, people practices and culture, process, and technology. These capabilities drive team-level performance beyond raw talent. The article emphasizes the importance of mindset shifts and structural changes in organizations to fully realize the benefits of agile and digital transformations. It highlights the need for leadership commitment, clear communication, empowerment of teams, allocation of resources, and fostering a culture of openness and experimentation. The article also discusses the significance of setting clear goals, establishing a North Star vision, and transitioning to an agile funding model. It concludes that organizations that successfully climb the stairway to digital excellence can expect improvements in effectiveness, productivity, quality, and speed.


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