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Many businesses are not yet prepared to fully reap the benefits of AI.

AI has become a ubiquitous technology, with companies exploring its applications for revenue growth and improved customer and employee experiences. However, most businesses are unprepared to leverage AI to its fullest extent, limiting its potential. Only a small number of companies are successfully applying AI to improve their operations and create new value. AI-powered automation, when combined with specialized and generative AI, can boost productivity, eliminate errors, and achieve faster results. Successful examples include Cathay Pacific, British Airways, and Intel. To fully deliver on its promise, AI initiatives must be part of a larger business strategy and be governed, trusted, and actionable.


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Digital transformation, including agile and devops, across many industries, most recently in higher education. Designed and built the Emory faculty information system. Working in continuing education to improve and expand career-focused learning, esp. in workforce development. Expanding the role of innovation and entrepreneurship. Designed, built, and launched the Emory Center for Innovation.

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