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Atlassians choose where they work, every single day. Download our free report to see what we’ve learned as a result.

Atlassian’s approach to distributed work, known as Team Anywhere, has enabled employees to choose where they work since 2020. The company’s workforce has become highly distributed, with employees collaborating from over 10,000 locations. Despite this, 92% of employees say the distributed work policy allows them to do their best work, and 91% consider it an important reason for staying at Atlassian. The company has also seen benefits such as increased representation of women in certain geographies and high visitation rates to their offices. Atlassian shares their insights and key findings from their experience in their report, “Lessons Learned: 1,000 Days of Distributed at Atlassian.”

Analysis: Atlassian’s experience with distributed work showcases the successful implementation of a flexible work policy. Their high employee satisfaction rates and increased representation of women highlight the advantages of offering remote work options. The company’s focus on using data to inform decisions and running experiments to improve collaboration shows their commitment to continually evolving their distributed work practices. Additionally, Atlassian’s emphasis on how teams work, rather than where they work, challenges the conventional thinking that physical presence in an office is necessary for productivity.


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