AI Could Drive A Push For Re-Skilling https://www. 23/05/30/ai-could-drive-a-push-for-re-skilling/ #ai

The art of leading in the AI age

“In the digital era, the leader as an organizational midwife is typically a chief experience officer or a people leader who takes on the role and responsibilities of someone who nurtures a culture in which decisions on how something should and should not be used are made deliberately and intentionally by…

How Generative AI Changes Productivity

“I think we’re going to be back to purpose. What is your mission? Because now you can accomplish your mission. What is your worthy mission that’s going to attract people to work with you?” (

How Generative AI Changes Productivity

“They all had websites. They all had e-commerce. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars on it, but they didn’t rethink. And so, I think the question becomes, can you rethink? Can you rethink processes?” (