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  • How AI Is Changing Workforce Training

    How AI Is Changing Workforce Training

    According to a new report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workforce will likely drive demand for “re-skilling” and new training programmes for workers. The WEF’s Human Capital Report found that nations who prioritised workforce training and advancement had fewer skills gaps than those that didn’t.… Continue reading

  • I have become convinced that Apple must stop engaging in any advertising and advertising-based tracking. It’s wrong, and it violates the brand promise, viz. privacy. Continue reading

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    The US Copyright Office says you can’t copyright Midjourney AI-generated images – The Verge https://www. theverge.com/2023/2/22/2361127 8/midjourney-ai-copyright-office-kristina-kashtanova https://mastodon.world/@aristotle/109913855396729104 Continue reading

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    A big challenge I see with ChatGPT or any AI writer is that it “breaks” the writing learning process. It can easily and affordably replace first-draft or low-level writing, for the use of _currently_ experienced writers and editors. Unfortunately, writers become good writers by writing, and they frequently start by writing content like this. If… Continue reading

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    ChatGPT and the like are already working in the economy, creatng first-draft or low-/mid-value content. In the hands of experienced writers and editors, this is a huge time- and money-saver. This alone is “worth it”. There are many uses for this outside of creating search engine bait and gaming Google. #ai #aiwriters https://mastodon.world/@aristotle/109879963712041694 Continue reading

  • Micropost? Continue reading

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