Rails: Parsing iCal calendar on a password-protected WebDAV server

It took me a little while, but I finally got this working. You’ll need the iCalendar plugin. require ‘icalendar’  def view_ical   request = Net::HTTP::Get.new(‘/calendars/calendar.ics’)  response = Net::HTTP.start(‘webdav.site.com’) {|http|  request.basic_auth ‘username’, ‘password’  response = http.request(request)  }  calendar_text = response.body calendars = Icalendar.parse(calendar_text)  calendar = calendars.first end

Ruby on Rails Calendar Helper doesn’t quite work for me

Geoffrey Grosenbach’s Ruby on Rails plugin calendar_helper is simple and easy to use. Maybe I’m just picky, but one part of it just wasn’t working right for me. Originally, it looks like this on line 96: cal << %(<caption class=”#{options[:month_name_class]}”></caption><thead><tr><th colspan=”7″>#{Date::MONTHNAMES[options[:month]]}</th></tr><tr class=”#{options[:day_name_class]}”>) It doesn’t really make sense for the month…