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  • Google Criticized for Privacy Issues

    Google Criticized for Privacy Issues

    Ian ‘Hixie’ Hickson, a prominent figure in the Flutter community, has left Google. Despite not being as public as other contributors, Hixie wrote a blog post upon his departure, offering insights into Google’s actions and the criticism it faces. He defends Google’s intentions, such as with Google Books, and argues that some privacy advocates harm… Continue reading

  • Llama 2 avoids errors by staying quiet, GPT-4 gives long, if useless, samples

    Llama 2 avoids errors by staying quiet, GPT-4 gives long, if useless, samples

    The article discusses a study conducted by computer scientists at the University of California San Diego on the reliability and robustness of large language models (LLMs) in generating code. The researchers evaluated four different code-capable LLMs using an API checker called RobustAPI. They gathered 1,208 coding questions from StackOverflow involving 24 common Java APIs and… Continue reading

  • NoMethodError (undefined method `finder’) with Engines and Rails 2.2

    I was getting this error with Rails 2.2 when using ActionMailer. NoMethodError (undefined method `finder’ for #<ActionView::Base:0x34146fc>) It stems from a line in engines/lib/engines/rails_extensions/action_mailer.rb This is some problem between Rails 2.2 and Engines. Reinstalling engines didn’t seem to help. Simply put, you need to go here and apply this patch: http://github.com/lazyatom/engines/commit/499ce3b0480d8fa9375203f5efcadb8cf6ea9efe This took me hours… Continue reading

  • Rails + SugarCRM – An alternative approach

    After slogging through connecting Rails and Sugar via SOAP, I was tired and frustrated. The API is slow, and doing anything meaningful took a long time (ok, it took 30 seconds, but that seems slow to me; aren’t computers supposed to be fast?!). So, I came up with an alternative approach. I know that Active… Continue reading

  • Rails + SugarCRM + SOAP – Get a list of Sugar accounts into Rails as an array

    I have long wanted to make sure my CRM system (SugarCRM) and my project management system synchonized certain data, mainly company names. I hate having to sync stuff like that manually. So, I’ve been working on integrating the data using a SOAP client on the Rails side. It took all day to get this working.… Continue reading

  • Place Custom Rails Routes First

    This is another one that should have been obvious. But, I was getting it wrong. Maybe it had something to do with upgrading to Rails 1.2.6. Anyway, I was getting an error with a custom action. I was sending a form to “projects/do_something”. But, I kept getting the error of “Can’t find project with ID=do_something”.… Continue reading

  • Ruby on Rails: Using a different controller with in_place_editor_field

    I don’t know why this took a while to figure out, but it did. If you are using the stock Rails in_place_editor_field, you know it looks like this in the controller: in_place_edit_for :user, :name And like this in the view: <%= in_place_editor_field :user, :name %> This works fine so long as you’re rendering from the… Continue reading

  • Rails: Parsing iCal calendar on a password-protected WebDAV server

    It took me a little while, but I finally got this working. You’ll need the iCalendar plugin. require ‘icalendar’  def view_ical   request = Net::HTTP::Get.new(‘/calendars/calendar.ics’)  response = Net::HTTP.start(‘webdav.site.com’) {|http|  request.basic_auth ‘username’, ‘password’  response = http.request(request)  }  calendar_text = response.body calendars = Icalendar.parse(calendar_text)  calendar = calendars.first end Continue reading

  • Nested resources in Ruby on Rails: why bother?

    Nested resources in Ruby on Rails are sort of neat, but they are a pain to implement. What’s more, I have to ask myself, why bother? If a resource has a unique identifier id, then why would you need to call its parent resource to call it? The unique identifier is enough. And what resource… Continue reading

  • Ruby on Rails Calendar Helper doesn’t quite work for me

    Geoffrey Grosenbach’s Ruby on Rails plugin calendar_helper is simple and easy to use. Maybe I’m just picky, but one part of it just wasn’t working right for me. Originally, it looks like this on line 96: cal << %(<caption class=”#{options[:month_name_class]}”></caption><thead><tr><th colspan=”7″>#{Date::MONTHNAMES[options[:month]]}</th></tr><tr class=”#{options[:day_name_class]}”>) It doesn’t really make sense for the month name to be in a… Continue reading

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