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Every executive in the C suite is braced for AI impacts within their organization. But are they ready for their own jobs to be impacted too?

The C-suite is bracing for the impact of AI within their organizations, but are they prepared for their own jobs to be impacted? According to a report by Workday, half of CEOs say their organization is at least somewhat unprepared for AI and machine learning adoption. However, decision-makers are generally optimistic about their organization’s ability to adapt. CEOs believe that AI will significantly amplify human potential. To master the changes AI enables, C-suite executives need to augment their decision-making with AI. The study also found that the ability to work closely with new technologies will be the most important skill as AI becomes more integrated into business functions.
Analysis: The article emphasizes the need for C-suite executives to adapt to the changes that AI will bring to their organizations. While the report shows that many CEOs feel unprepared for AI adoption, there is optimism about the potential benefits of AI. The article highlights the importance of self-disruption and the ability to work closely with new technologies as key skills for leaders in the age of AI. Overall, the article suggests that C-suite executives need to be proactive in leveraging AI rather than being passive recipients of its impacts.


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