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Climbing the corporate ladder from your couch? Think again. The hidden limitations of remote work are here. My friend Max is employed at a company that offers its employees the option to work from…

The article discusses the hidden limitations of remote work and how it can affect career progression. The author shares a personal anecdote about their friend Max, who had to relocate for personal reasons and was subsequently excluded from internal communications and passed over for a promotion. The article mentions that studies support the idea that remote employees are less likely to be promoted or receive raises compared to those working in the office. The author also highlights their previous article’s viewpoint on remote work, stating that it may be more beneficial for experienced employees but could hinder the career development of younger employees without in-person mentorship and training.

Analysis: The article emphasizes the potential negative impact of remote work on career advancement, presenting a contrarian view to the common perception that remote work offers more flexibility and freedom. By citing personal experiences and studies, the author challenges the idea that remote employees have the same opportunities for promotion and salary increase as their office-based counterparts. The mention of the previous article shows the author’s consistency in their viewpoint, suggesting that remote work is not suitable for every business and employee.


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