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A learning experience platform uses an AI-driven peer learning approach to teach employees in a self-directed way. Find out how LXPs work and are used.

The web article discusses learning experience platforms (LXPs) and their benefits in the context of employee learning and development. LXPs are described as modern platforms that provide a consumer-grade user experience, similar to popular social networking and multimedia sites. They support self-directed learning and personalized recommendations using artificial intelligence (AI). LXPs offer features such as content creation, curation, AI-based recommendations and training, analytics, chatbots, gamification, and integration with e-learning content providers and third-party technology platforms. The article highlights the key benefits of LXPs, including tailored and customized learning paths, agile learning experiences that deliver content quickly and flexibly, and the democratization of the learning experience by giving control to end users. It also compares LXPs to learning management systems (LMS), emphasizing that LXPs provide open-ended discovery platforms with the incorporation and sharing of third-party content, while LMSs confine learners to a defined curriculum. The article concludes by mentioning the increasing popularity of LXPs, especially with the rise of remote work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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