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Getting a remote form to submit within a partial collection when any select changes in Ruby on Rails

This one is harder than it seems. But, I figured out a way. The trick and breakthrough came from Teflon Ted.

With a regular form, you could do this in your select statement:


This won’t work with a remote form, because the submission is not handled with the submit method but rather within the JavaScript callback in onsubmit. So, with a remote form, you have to change it to this:


So, here is my code.

<%- remote_form_for
  :url=>{:action=>'update_remote', :id=>user.id},
  :loading=>"Element.show('spinner_"+user.id.to_s+"'); Form.disable('form_"+user.id.to_s+"')"
  do |f|

<%= f.select
  Project.find(:all).collect{|p| [p.name,p.id]},
  {:include_blank=>false, :selected=>user.project_id},
  {:onChange=>"this.form.onsubmit();", :id=>'user_project_id_'+user.id.to_s}

<%- end -%>

Note that this is in a partial that gets iterated over a collection. So, I have to give everything a unique id in the HTML. Also, note that this includes the user of a spinner to show activity is taking place. I also like to disable the form temporarily to make sure nothing else gets selected. I don’t have to hide the spinner or reactivate the form because when the table row gets regenerated via RJS, it goes back to the default condition.

4 responses to “Getting a remote form to submit within a partial collection when any select changes in Ruby on Rails”

  1. Excellent, and thanks for the cred 🙂

  2. Thanks. I had been searching why this didn’t work with the onchange event.

  3. Nice call. thanks for teh code snippet, too

  4. Can I have same problem solved using PHP??

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