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January 2023

  • AI writing? Same rules as for writing

    Been reading/hearing a lot lately on AI-generated content esp the CNET articles.  https://futurism.com/the-byte/cnet-publishing-articles-by-ai The consensus seems to be that there needs to be full disclosure it was AI-written. I don’t agree. AI-writing should be judged by the same standards that any writing is. Is it factual? well written? non-plagiarized? etc. There’s a lot that goes… Continue reading

  • Make to Dropbox for Obsidian

    This process could probably be used also to send things to Ulysses. “The process involves both integration platforms IFTTT and Integromat with Dropbox as the cloud storage for my Obsidian vault. IFTTT is used to get the data from Instapaper to then send it on to a Webhook in Integromat which processes it and uploads… Continue reading

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Digital transformation, including agile and devops, across many industries, most recently in higher education. Designed and built the Emory faculty information system. Working in continuing education to improve and expand career-focused learning, esp. in workforce development. Expanding the role of innovation and entrepreneurship. Designed, built, and launched the Emory Center for Innovation.

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